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Linda VorvickLinda VorvickLinda Vorvick, MD

Director of Didactic Education, Medical Director, & Senior Lecturer
MEDEX Northwest, Division of Physician Assistant Studies
School of Medicine, University of Washington

MEDEX Northwest
4311 11th Ave NE, Ste 200
Seattle, WA 98105
Email Address:



Dr. Vorvick received her medical doctor degree at University of Washington in 1982. She completed her residency specializing in family medicine at Swedish Cherry Hill Family Practice Residency Program in 1985.

Area of Expertise: Dr. Vorvick leads the didactic education of MEDEX Northwest physician assistant certificate program. She is an experienced family physician and has been a medical director for multiple institutions since 1998. Her area of expertise is family medicine and teaching. Because of her experience and expertise, Dr. Vorvick is a reviewer for Milliman Care Guidelines as well as an editor for A.D.A.M. Inc.  

Publications of Interest:

  1. Danielson R, Ballweg R, Sefcik D, Vorvick LJ. (2011). A Guide to Supervising Physician Assistants. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, LLC [In press].
  2. Vorvick LJ, Avnon T, Emmett RS, Robins L. (2008). Improving teaching by teaching feedback. Med Ed, 42, 540-541.
  3. Stock LM, Tse K, Vorvick LJ, Walstrom SA.  (1981). Palladium (II) acetate catalyzed aromatic substitution reaction. J Org Chem, 46, 8, 1757-1759.