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Colleen CatalanoColleen CatalanoColleen Catalano, Clinical

Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacist, family Medicine Clinic, Department of Family Medicine

University of Washington
Box 357630
Seattle, WA 98195

Email Address:

I have been honored and thrilled to be a faculty member in the School of Pharmacy for the past four years. As a Clinical Assistant Professor and Coursemaster of the Applied Pharmacotherapeutics I, II, and III series, I am able to share my clinical experience with the students in the third-year Doctorate of Pharmacy professional program. The course is designed to develop student’s communication and critical thinking skills through the use of small group discussions and case-based learning. My responsibilities include developing the course content, syllabus, assignments, quizzes, and exams.

In addition to my full-time faculty position, I have a practice site at the University of Washington Family Medicine Clinic. I spend 6-8 hours per week providing direct patient care. Though the majority of my patients are referred for long-term medication management, I also assess patients with acute self-limited illness and work closely with clinic providers and staff to ensure a holistic and evidence-based approach to patient care. I am authorized to initiate, modify, and continue pharmacotherapy for patients cared for by the clinic providers under a very progressive and flexible collaborative drug therapy agreement. I further serve as a pharmacy preceptor for the first, second, and third year medical residents at the Family Medicine Clinic.

I am involved nationally in the Geriatric Certificate Program Exam Development Committee where I am responsible for constructing exam questions for a nationally recognized Certified Geriatric Pharmacist program. I also serve as a faculty delegate for the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and participate heavily in the Faculty Affairs Committee. I am also a member of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists and am a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist.

I hope to improve my teaching skills, as well as mentor my colleagues in the methods of educational excellence. I also hope to learn and develop internet-based teaching technologies and modify and adapt them to the small group, case-based environment. I plan to disseminate my scholarly work on education through presentations and publications, both at the UW and nationally. I also hope to master various teaching strategies, such as small group and clinical situations to improve learning outcomes as well as explore ways of developing more powerful learning experiences for our students. I would like to learn how to use feedback from students to improve the course and make improvements to my own teaching skills. I hope to develop expertise in giving formal verbal and written feedback. In addition, the Teaching Scholars Program will provide professional training with regards to the development of an educational research project that will have an impact on the discipline of pharmacy. I hope to continue with this activity beyond this scholarly program. My ultimate goal is to improve education in the School of Pharmacy through the use of technology in the classroom.