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Jennifer Danielson Bio PhotoJennifer Danielson Bio PhotoJennifer Danielson

Associate Director, Experiential Education
Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy

University of Washington
Box 354699
Seattle, WA 98195

Email Address:

Ms. Danielson has worked in pharmacy academia since 1996. Prior to her position at the University of Washington, she was on the faculty and directed experiential programs at the University of Colorado, Campbell University, and Oregon State University. Her clinical practice experience is in diabetes education in the ambulatory care setting. She also directed the pharmacy technician program at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs. Her current teaching and research interests are in early experiential education and introductory pharmacy school curricula. Helping students get involved in and excited about pharmacy practice for the first time is what she enjoys most.

Primary teaching responsibility currently is in coordinating and course mastering the introductory pharmacy practice experience (IPPE) program. In this series of courses (PharmP 511-514 and PharmP 531-533) which occur in the first 3 years of the pharmacy curriculum.

On why Ms Danielson applied for the IPE Teaching Scholars program: “Specifically, I am interested in the interprofessional eduation part of the teaching scholars program for two reasons:

1.       My practice background in ambulatory care (interdisciplinary diabetes care clinics) required me to work interprofessionally with the physicians, nurses, and dieticians to provide patient care. Consequently, I see great potential for developing simulation scenarios that occur in the ambulatory care setting.

2.       Recent accreditation standards for pharmacy education were released allowing up to 20% of students' time in introductory pharmacy practice experience (IPPE) learning to be obtained through simulation. Since I am responsible for the IPPE program at our school, I would like to learn more about interprofessional education and simulation to determine its place in our curriculum. I would like to work with an interdisciplinary group to develop simulation scenarios based on the patient-centered coordinated care visits conducted in the medical home model.