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Error Disclosure Curriculum

Learning Objectives of the Interprofessional Error Disclosure Training Curriculum:

  1. Practice discussing a medical error in a blame-free way as an interprofessional team.
  2. Practice planning for disclosure of a medical error as an interprofessional team.
  3. Practice disclosing a medical error to a patient or family member as an interprofessional team with honesty, compassion and demonstrating respect for team members.

Curriculum Content:

1. Sample Training Agenda used for the March 6, 2012 Interprofessional Error Disclosure Training (400+ students participated). While it is ideal to have a smaller group of students, this training can be used with larger groups as well. Link to agenda.
2. Option 1 Presentation: Delivered by Error Disclosure research expert Dr. Tom Gallagher describing to a real group of interprofessional (medicine, nursing, pharmacy) students the process of error disclosure and its importance in patient care.
Date: June 20, 2010. Approximate Time: 55 minutes.
Link to video.

Link to PPT presentation with narration.
Option 2 Presentation: Voiceover presented by Dr. Tom Gallagher. Recorded and edited in studio.
Date: September 20, 2012. Approximate Time: 63 minutes.
Link to voiceover presentation.
3. Faculty Training Guide and Step-by-Step Error Disclosure Guide.
This guide was developed to train faculty who participated in the large rollout of the error disclosure training in March 2012. Two faculty members/educators are needed for the training – one serves as lead facilitator and the other plays the role of the family member in the disclosure.
Author: Sarah Shannon, PhD, RN
Link to Faculty Training Guide.
4. Cases and Role for Students (Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy).
These cases were developed and used during the March 2011 and March 2012 interprofessional student trainings at UW.
Developed by: Sarah Shannon, PhD, RN, Tom Gallagher, MD, and Karen McDonough, MD
Link to Student Case Roles.
5. Error Disclosure Pocket Guide. A short step-by-step pocket guide that can be downloaded and printed for students. Link to Error Disclosure Pocket Guide.