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CI 101: Defining 'Clinical Informatics'

In this lesson we explore the roots of the term ‘informatics’ and discuss how it represents the intersection of computer science and information science.  The simplest way to understand the term is to think about where computer science and information science overlap. So, what are some basic parts of computer science? Think about all things computers, the hardware with all the electrical components and the tremendous capability of data storage.

However data has little value unless it can be transformed into information. This is where information science steps in and helps with how we study, process, manage, and retrieve information. Each of these areas has strengths within them and can stand alone. But it’s when they are combined together that real synergy develops; that overlap may be considered ‘informatics’.

This online presentation includes audio, demonstrations, instructional methods, and examples.

Learning objectives

Upon completing this lesson, the learner will be able to...

  1. describe what informatics is with respect to computer science and information science.
  2. examine informatics within the context of allied health fields.
  3. describe the term ‘clinical informatics’.