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CI 103: Decision Support Systems

In this lesson, we’re talking about using information technology to help improve decision making in a clinical setting. The end result can be more efficient work-flows, error avoidance, decreased costs, and something we are all looking for…improved patient outcomes.  We  will explore decision support systems which can range from the very simple - to things that are downright complex.  In particular, we will spend some time examining decision support systems and examples that fall into five different categories. Last, we will touch on some of the challenges and trends in clinical decision support systems and provide some links to further resources for those who would like to explore further.

This online presentation includes audio, demonstrations, instructional methods, and examples.

Learning objectives

Upon completing this lesson, the learner will be able to...

  • understand common definitions of Decision Support Systems (DSSs).
  • understand different types of DSSs.
  • examine challenges and new trends.