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CI 104: Approaches to Data Capture and Retrieval

Welcome to this lesson where we will explore different approaches that are found in clinical healthcare informatics regarding both the capture and retrieval of data. With the emergence of the first computer systems in healthcare in the fifties and sixties, the only methods for entering data were using punch cards or keyboards. Over time, new technologies have emerged that allow human users equipped with other input devices, ranging from mobile devices to voice capture systems, to enter data. This lesson will start by exploring the most common approach to data entry which a ‘data entry form’, commonly hosted with a native application or else a web browser. We’ll spend a good deal of time talking about potential pitfalls of data capture that may impact the integrity of the data as well as approaches to possibly mitigate against bad data. Last, we’ll touch on some of the emerging tools out there that decrease the burden of data entry and retrieval.

This online presentation includes audio, demonstrations, instructional methods, and examples.

Learning objectives

Upon completing this lesson, the learner will be able to...

  1. understand the growing number of mechanisms for data capture and retrieval.
  2. garbage in – garbage out; what we give is what we get.
  3. explore user centered design principles, impacts on data quality and adoption rates.
  4. examine some emerging data capture/retrieval tools that decrease user burden.