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CI 105: Technology and Information Systems Safeguards

The topic for this lesson is ‘Technology and Information Systems Safeguards’. There are four learning objectives in this lesson. The first is simply to understand the breadth of IT tools out there that have a bearing on patient safety. To provide context, we’ll explore how technology has increased the safety of medication administration on several fronts; drawing at times from past lessons. During this conversation – we’ll touch on bar codes and segue into Radio Frequency Identification Tags and how they might be used for location monitoring and as embedded sensing within ubiquitous computing environments.

This online presentation includes audio, demonstrations, instructional methods, and examples.

Learning objectives

Upon completing this lesson, the learner will be able to...

  1. understand the broad role for IT tools in serving as safety mechanisms.
  2. gain familiarity with advances in medication safety.
  3. examine location monitoring of devices and patients.
  4. develop a general understanding of embedded sensors and the concept of ‘ubiquitous computing’.