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Sim 102: Pedagogical Approaches in Simulation for Developing Critical Thinking

Simulation is a potentially powerful teaching approach.  The simulation experience engages students in a way that requires independent use of critical thinking and clinical reasoning.  Debriefing provides students the opportunity for reflective learning and integration of their knowledge with the experience they gained in simulation.  However, poorly planned, organized, and executed simulations can result in student frustration and failure of the exercise to meet the learning objectives.  Sim 102 presents pedagogical principles to guide teaching with simulation.  We discuss various theories of learning as well as effective teaching approaches.

This online presentation includes audio, demonstrations, instructional methods, and examples.

Learning objectives

Upon completing this lesson, the learner will be able to...

  1. describe the application of selected educational theories to planning and teaching simulations.
  2. discuss elements of evidence-based simulation pedagogy.
  3. discuss strategies for promoting the development of clinical reasoning.