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Lesson 1: Point of Care Ultrasound Basics

Point of care ultrasound has an important role in the diagnosis and management of patients in many clinical areas. This presentation is in development as the first in a series of didactic lectures and videos designed to provide a basic introduction to point of care ultrasound. Later presentations will discuss specific uses of bedside ultrasound for procedural guidance and diagnostic purposes.

This online presentation includes audio, video, examples, demonstrations, and instructional methods.

Learning objectives

Upon completing this lesson, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand and describe the basic physics of ultrasound
  • Interpret tissue echogenicity of an ultrasound image
  • Choose the appropriate transducer for common bedside ultrasound exams
  • Determine the orientation of an ultrasound image
  • Assess the depth and gain of an ultrasound image
  • Recognize 2-D and M-mode ultrasound images