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Highlighting IPE Faculty and Staff at UW

Megan Sherman 

Manager of Educational Operations for the WWAMI Institute for Simulation in Healthcare (WISH)

This feature is part of our series highlighting the work of faculty and staff teaching and supporting IPE at UW.

Megan Sherman serves as the Manager of Educational Operations for the WWAMI Institute for Simulation in Healthcare (WISH) at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Ms. Sherman is a proud alumnae of Gonzaga University and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education and Human Development from George Washington University with an emphasis on organizational development and leadership. In her role at WISH, Ms. Sherman employs eight years of simulation operations experience in the oversight, coordination, and management of large-scale educational events and curriculum development. Ms. Sherman was trained as a TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer in 2009, and currently serves as program manager and non-clinical faculty for the University of Washington’s Regional Training Center for the National Implementation of TeamSTEPPS project (AHRQ/HRET) and UW Medicine’s TeamCORE program.

Megan Sherman


How and why did you get involved with IPE?

Ms. Sherman: "I began working specifically in IPE and team training around 2008-2009. As I learned more about the elements of successful IPE programs and curriculum, something just clicked. I can’t pinpoint a single “a-ha” moment, but there was an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, importance, and purpose when it came to these sessions. Since then, team training – particularly in the field of team communication – has become one of the favorite elements of my job."

What do you believe are the benefits of IPE?

Ms. Sherman: "IPE, teamwork, and team communication are fundamental to the success of healthcare and healthcare education. Providing opportunities early-on for students to not only experience what it is like to work together as a team, but to train around specific IPE competencies is a strength of our institution. I’m proud to play even the smallest role in its success."

What has been the most memorable experience/highlight of teaching IPE so far?

Ms. Sherman: "My favorite moment(s) are those that happen after the course/sim has ended. It is the time when learners have their first opportunity to reflect on what just happened. In this moment, you often catch a glimpse of that same, “click,” I experienced myself years ago, and you know you’ve made a difference for that learner."