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Highlighting IPE Faculty and Staff at UW

Alice Chang

Social Worker, Regional Heart Center, University of Washington Medical Center 

This feature is part of our series highlighting the work of faculty, staff and collaborative partners supporting IPE and Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP) at the UW and UW Medical Center.

Alice Chang, MSW, LICSW, CCTSW has been a social worker for advanced heart failure patients since 1997. She works with several inpatient units including intensive care to telemetry, as well as in the clinic. She has seen many transformations in healthcare setting with a demand for increase efficiency, communication and to provide better patient care. It is not easy to reach the goal in a complex setting like UWMC. The social worker serve as an anchor on the team, provides the link and support to patients, families and staff. Alice enjoys working with multidisciplinary team members and learn something new every day!


How and why did you get involved with IPE/IPCP?

Alice: "I am always looking for opportunity to improve communication, patient care and ways to let others know about what social worker can offer to the team and patients. I like to see everyone on the team working together, share the goals of care, decrease confusion, increase patient satisfaction, build relationship and trust amongst team members, with ultimate goal to provide the best care to our patients.

What do you believe are the benefits of IPE/IPCP?

Alice: It promotes collaboration, clear communication, efficiency and focus on plan of the care for the patient.  It also creates a nice working environment for all staff, ability to talk to each other openly, knocked down walls and treats each other with respect.

What has been the most memorable experience/highlight of facilitating IPE or leading IPCP so far?

Alice:  "I can see positive changes since we started the inpatient rounding project and feel people are engaging more with each other, less confused on the plan of care, and paying attention to overall quality of patient care.  The highlight came unexpectedly for me to receive recognition to help with the rounding process by calling the nurse ahead! It is a small thing to do and I am happy to be part of awesome team!