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Highlighting IPE Faculty and Staff at UW

Renée Paquet

Nurse Manager, CCU at the University of Washington Medical Center 

This feature is part of our series highlighting the work of faculty and staff teaching and supporting IPE at UW.

Renée Paquet, BSN, RN began her nursing career in 2008 here at the University of Washington Medical Center. As much as she loved being at the bedside, she recently transitioned into a new role as the Nurse Manager in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit on 5SE at the University of Washington Medical Center. Renée has always had an interest in communication and building interpersonal relationships in the healthcare setting to improve the workflow and promote patient safety. Supporting the growth of a work environment where nurses feel valued and respected is something she is very passionate about. Renée believes that it sets them up for success in the workplace and has a positive impact on the patient.

Renée Paquet


How and why did you get involved with IPE/IPCP?

Renée: " I am involved with [Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice] because of my passion for patient safety. I am fortunate to work with physicians and nursing leaders who share the same interests and support my efforts in this arena."

What do you believe are the benefits of IPE/IPCP?

Renée: I believe that the benefits of [Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice] are to promote a collaborative work environment that is psychologically safe for all team members. Team members feel valued, have mutual respect, and have a shared mental model that improves patient safety.

What has been the most memorable experience/highlight of facilitating IPE or leading IPCP so far?

Renée:  "I have been lucky to witness a culture shift within the CCU. Nurses and providers on our unit give feedback in real time and aren’t afraid to speak up. This is a complete 180 from what it was prior to implementing education around TeamSTEPPS and Interprofessional Rounding. Patient satisfaction has increased. Staff satisfaction has increased and there has been no turnover of CCU nurses since implementing the CCU team.”