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Case Discussions

How to submit a case:

  • Contact NWHFC staff if you are interested in submitting a case.
  • Complete the Case Intake Form and email to at least one week before your desired session; sending in advance will allow the specialists to provide better recommendations. Please redact all names, month/day of birth, and medical record numbers to protect the identity of the patient. NWHFC staff will assign your clinic a code to use for your patients.
  • Connect to the session 10-15 minutes before the official start time and let us know in advance if you need to present at a specific time; we’ll do our best to accommodate that request. When we call on you to present, make sure to unmute your microphone
  • Present your case and ask questions. Peers and specialists will share their thoughts. UW consultants will e-mail their suggestions to you at no cost to you or the patient.

Case intake form:

Please complete as much information as is available on the Case Intake Form. It is expected that you may not have all the information available. If you have questions about the form please contact our staff at

Tips for presenting a case:

During the session you present your case clearly and with enough information that the audience can follow along. It is very important that you avoid disclosing any protected health information during your presentation. The Project ECHO team has provided the following video examples of a case presentation to help guide you.