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“Speed Networking Social”- Hosted by the IHI Open School


The IHI Open School- UW Chapter kicked off Spring quarter on Thursday, April 3rd, with an interprofessional “Speed Networking” event. Students gathered at Mod Pizza on University Avenue for an opportunity to get to know their peers in the different health science professions. Similar to “speed dating”, students were split into pairs to “speed network.” In order to help elicit conversation between the pairs, students were provided a list of questions to refer to.  Sample questions included:

1.       How long is your program and what does it entail? Are there internship, fellowship, residency, etc. opportunities?

2.       How did you choose your program and what do you want to do in the future? What about this career appeals to you?

3.       What are some pros and cons for careers in your field?

4.       Why did you join IHI and what do you hope to gain as a member of the IHI chapter?

5.       In what ways do professionals in your field interact with other healthcare professionals?

After getting to know each other, the pairs were split again and each person was matched up with someone new. Over the course of the evening, all of the participants got the opportunity to chat and network with everyone who attended. During the event, students commented on how the setup was an excellent way to learn more about their peers and other disciplines. A special thanks to the IHI Open School regional organization for providing funding for pizza and beverages.