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Erin Abu-Rish Blakeney RN, PhD-C: 2012 Baldwin Award Winner


Congratulations to Erin Abu-Rish Blakeney, RN, PhD-C for being announced the 2012 Baldwin Award Winner for being lead author on the manuscript titled “Current trends in interprofessional education of health sciences students: a literature review.” 

According to the Journal of Interprofessional Care Editor-In-Chief Scott Reeves, her IPE literature review is recognized as “research that will have the most influential impact on interprofessional education, research, or practice.” This paper was carefully selected by a panel of judges at the Journal of Interprofessional Care because it ‘not only makes a significant contribution to IPE literature but will also provoke questions and critiques, and will have a lasting value.’”  

Special thanks to everyone who collaborated on this project: Sara Kim, Lapio Choe, Lara Varpio, Andrew White, Karen Craddick, Katherine Blondon, Lynne Robins, Pamela Nagasawa, Elisabeth Malik, Lee-Ling Chen, Allison Thigpen, Joanne Rich, and Brenda Zierler.