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New Faculty Development Guide for IPE Facilitation


University of Washington IPE faculty member Brenda Zierler from the School of Nursing and Leslie Hall from the University of Missouri School of Medicine published an introductory guide to IPE faculty development for facilitation of IPE and collaborative care training in the August issue of the Journal of Interprofessional Care. The need for IPE and collaborative care training experiences for health professions students is increasing as more health professions schools are required to incorporate IPE training into curriculum to meet national accreditation standards. In turn, the need for faculty training in IPE and collaborative care facilitation is increasing. 

Hall and Zierler’s guide focuses on strategies for developing faculty to effectively facilitate IPE using a series of didactic presentations, small group activities, and immersion experiences with direct involvement in IPE facilitation to build interprofessional leadership skills. Click here to read their full article.