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New Grant to Study Effects of TeamCORE Training


Congratulations to Dawon Baik, PhD candidate, MSN, RN,  of the UW School of Nursing on receiving a Sigma Theta Tau International – Psi-at-Large Chapter small grant. Ms. Baik's dissertation study, "Effect of TeamCORE Trainings on Team Functioning, Job Satisfaction, and Retention," will focus on whether a specialized team training program provided for healthcare professionals at the UW, known as "TeamCORE", improves teamwork and team communication, and ultimately contributes to RN job satisfaction and retention.

"Since my master’s program, I have thought that it is essential for healthcare professionals to effectively work together for job satisfaction and patient outcomes. The aims and processes of TeamCORE trainings inspired me to actively participate in this project. In particular, TeamCORE trainings provide team strategies to improve patient safety and quality of care by focusing on interprofessional communication skills and relationships among and across healthcare team members. That is why I enjoy researching this project," shared Ms. Baik.

It has been shown previously that interprofessional teams that experiencing frequent conflict, low mutual respect, and poor communication result in low RN satisfaction and retention. Purposeful team training can help interprofessional healthcare teams achieve mutual respect, trusting relationships, and effective communication. However, there is very little evidence that the purposeful team training program within clinical practice settings improves RN job satisfaction and retention through improved team functioning. Ms. Baik's dissertation study will utilize a mixed methods design using quantitative and qualitative methods with multiple data sources to assess this. 

"In particular, I am excited to conduct the focus group interview after TeamCore training is completed," Ms. Baik said. "I believe that the TeamCORE training makes improved changes in organizational and patient outcomes. I have a great opportunity to study what I have really wanted for my doctoral program. In addition, I am happy to be collaborating with a great research team using innovative approaches. I would also like to offer my sincerest thanks to Dr. Zierler for involving me in her research team and helping me on this journey."