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Information on Other Professions

Online Master's in Public Health

There are a wide range of professions under the public health umbrella. The main mission of these professionals is to improve public health through education, policy, and research. Some of the most popular career options are teacher, nurse, social worker, or epidemiologists. 

How Medical Assistants are Helping to Reduce America’s Ballooning Healthcare Costs
Medical Assistant Degree

Health care costs reached nearly $2.6 trillion by 2010, almost 10 times the amount spent in 1980. In order to trim overhead expenses, many hospitals and clinics have hired Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs). Read this resource to learn more about the role of Medical Assistants, specifically office duties and their role in patient care.

A Primer on the Health Professions
The IHI Open School, University of Washington Chapter
Winter 2012

Read this resource for an overview of the following health disciplines: Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, Physician, Physician Assistant, and Health Administration. This resource is unique since each description was written from the perspective of current UW students representing each discipline.

Read Resource: A Primer on the Health Professions