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The purposes of this online toolkit are:

  1. To be an aid for helping faculty and instructors set up a complete interprofessional simulation team training session.
  2. To provide a packaged interprofessional team training session using simulation/role-play as the vector by which health professional students can learn together to develop and improve team and communication skills.
  3. To provide novice online training for faculty participating in the team training sessions.

The toolkit contains:

            a.  methods and agendas for how to conduct simulation training with health
                 (inter)professional students
            b.  simulation scenarios for adult acute care simulation
            c.  simulation scenarios for OB acute care simulation
            d.  instructions for simulation technicians
            e.  debrief guides 

The content was developed by the Macy grant team at the University of Washington, who were funded in 2008 to develop and integrate interprofessional team training into existing curriculum in the Health Sciences schools of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and the Physician Assistant Program. This training was piloted with a group of 49 students in June 2010 and rolled out to a group of 300+ students in June 2011.

If you have any comments and suggestions after using this curriculum, please let us know by completing the contact form.