Online Training and Toolkits

Interprofessional Preceptor Toolkit

The Interprofessional Preceptor Toolkit covers the fundamentals of teaching in a clinical setting, and provides guidance for introducing students to interprofessional, team-based practice.

SIBR Toolkit

This Structured Interprofessional Bedside Rounds (SIBR) Toolkit is a resource for those interested in learning more about the SIBR model including those considering implementing SIBR in their inpatient unit(s).

Interprofessional Team Writing Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for IPE and Collaborative Practice researchers of all levels interested in improving scholarly writing with their interprofessional teams.

IPE Facilitation Training Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help facilitators understand common facilitation challenges in interprofessional learning groups and  identify situations in which effective facilitation strategies could be employed.

Faculty Development IPE Training Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for educators involved in creating IPE faculty development curriculum. It provides instructional methods to achieve competency-based/ACGME-linked learning objectives and engaging learning activities.

Management of Acute Heart Failure from Admission to Transition Module

This unfolding case study is about the management of an adult in the midst of a health crisis. Learners are presented with information as the providers learn of the patient’s emergent and ongoing health concerns, and asked to make decisions about how to care for this patient.

Teaching with Simulation Lessons

Learn the fundamentals of developing, implementing and evaluating team simulation training.

Simulation Team Training Toolkit

This Simulation Team Training Toolkit is intended for educators involved in training interprofessional teams of students, trainees and novice faculty in a simulation learning environment.

Interprofessional Studies on Injury Prevention & Control Modules

This series of six modules from the Harborview Injury Prevention Research Center include risk assessment, examination of affected populations, effective methods to change behavior or the environment, and evaluation of interventions.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Lessons

This module introduces a series of bedside ultrasound techniques to help clinicians to screen serious diseases in a timely manner.