Focus on your well-being and learn skills to manage emotions and cope with stress.

The Be REAL (REsilient Attitudes and Living) is a six-week program that equips students with cognitive behavior skills to manage emotions and cope with challenging situations, mindfulness skills to strengthen self-awareness, and practices that promote compassion for themselves and others.  During the 2024-25 academic year, health sciences students at UW will have the opportunity so participate in a Be REAL cohort, that meets in-person for 90 minutes per week for six weeks. Each weekly session includes group discussions, partner activities, and guided contemplative practices (description taken from

We are offering this space as part of the IPE program because we believe there is a reciprocal relationship between wellness and collaboration.  When healthcare workers are well, they are better able to collaborate; and when healthcare workers can effectively collaborate, they are more well! Along with learning the skills offered by the Be REAL curriculum, participants will have the opportunity to build relationships with future colleagues across professions, and reflect together on how to develop and sustain a meaningful culture of resilience and self-care in healthcare.

This offering for health sciences students is a partnership between the UW Center for IPE, Research and Practice and the UW Center for Child & Family Well-Being.

Registration for Be REAL will open in Fall 2024.

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