Common Concern for 2022-23: Incarceration and Health

About the Program

The Health Sciences Common Concern Series (formerly the Health Sciences Common Book), has served as a platform for students from across health professions to learn together on topics of common importance for almost a decade. Throughout the school year students, staff, and faculty have the opportunity to participate in a series of lectures, interactive discussions, advocacy efforts, and seminars focused on the theme of the year. 

In consideration of the massive expansion of non-print media resources over the last decade, the group is shifting to a broader perspective, to include podcasts, lectures, art and music, and more, which will be advertised via listservs and posted on the CHSIE website. 

The broad theme of the year 2022-23 is going to be “Incarceration and Health”. The mission is to facilitate experiences and provide useful resources to engage in connecting incarceration with its cascading effects on health and access to healthcare in the United States.  

Media resources and information about quarterly learning and advocacy events related to this topic will be made available here on the Common Concern website, so check back for updates at the end of September 2022.