Listen to patient stories and gain insight into the barriers to and opportunities for good health.

The Listening Project

The Listening Project is a unique collaboration between the UW IPE Program and the Seattle/King County Clinic.  Health sciences students from across professions are invited to participate as clinic-embedded story gatherers, with the intention of:

  1. Learning through listening to patient and community narratives
  2. Amplifying the voices of those seeking care about their perception of what “health” and “good care” look like
  3. Engaging in critical self-reflection as related to values, ethics, communication and teamwork in healthcare

Student story-gatherers will be paired with an interprofessional partner for their time in the clinic, and will have opportunities to learn with, from and about their partner and their professional lens through the act of listening together.

The next Listening Project will take place from February 15-18, 2024 at the Seattle/King County Clinic. This is a multi-day volunteer-driven clinic that provides free dental, vision and medical care to anyone in the region who struggles to access and/or afford healthcare. Three hour shifts are available for students. 

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