Team Science supports research teams to become more efficient and effective by helping teams build stronger relationships and acquiring team strategies and tools.  We do this by providing a number of educational, training, and consultation services to develop and improve team science competencies for teams and individuals. Teams may elect to utilize one or more of our services to improve team coordination, engagement, and effectiveness.  Our training services include:

    • Annual Team Science Workshop
    • Facilitation services for teams or centers (i.e., retreats, strategic meetings)
    • Consulting services including resources/tools to promote effective teamwork
    • Online training offerings via the ITHS Career Development Series
    • Executive coaching
    • Lean project management training

Request Team or Individual Support


The Team Science Seminar Series is a joint effort by the Institute of Translational Health Sciences Team Science and Education cores to help early career researchers build the skills they need for effective scientific collaboration. The 10-part virtual series will be offered from 12:00 to 1:00 PM Pacific Time on the first Thursday of each month,  beginning October 6th.  

Session Title (subject to change) Date Event Page Link
Introduction to the Team Science Seminar Series 2022-2023: Why is Team Science Important? 6-Oct-22 Watch event video here
Building Self-Awareness and Leadership Traits for Team Effectiveness 3-Nov-22 Watch event video here
  1-Dec-22 Watch event video here
Building an Interdisciplinary Research Team 5-Jan-23 Watch event video here
Growth Mindset & Giving and Receiving Feedback 2-Feb-23  Video link coming soon
Leading with Intention: Foundational Skills for Handling Interpersonal Conflict 2-Mar-23 Register here
Creating engagement: Facilitation from Chaos to Construct 6-Apr-23 Coming soon
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Team-Based Research 4-May-23 Coming soon
Engaging Communities in Interdisciplinary Research 1-Jun-23 Coming soon
Multiple-PI Collaborative Grant Applications TBD Coming soon

Setting the Foundation for Successful Meeting Management

The Team Science Workshop is a free, interactive multi-day workshop intended for interdisciplinary research teams working on a translational research project/study or a research center. Teams learn the theory and practice of team science. Training content is tailored each year toward addressing and solving specific challenges that attending teams are facing.

Our next Team Science Workshop is scheduled for February 6-10 , 2023. This workshop will be held online. If your team is interested in pre-registering or you would like more information, contact Nicole Summerside at


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