Interprofessional Pictionary is a learning activity for student and educator training.  The version provided here was edited and adapted to teach the IPEC competency domain “Roles and Responsibilities.”

IPEC Competencies Mapped to IP Pictionary Learning Activity (pdf)

Learning Goals:

• Understand how professional roles and responsibilities complement each other.
• Identify health profession based on training requirements, usual practice setting and scope of practice.
• Discuss overlap in scopes of practice and training requirements for various health professions.
• Recognize stereotypes and biases depicted in drawings.
Faculty participating in IP Pictionary.

Materials and Supplies

IP Pictionary PowerPoint Slides (ppt)

IP Pictionary Descriptions of Roles and Scopes of Practice Handout (pdf)

IP Pictionary Answer Key (pdf)


IP Pictionary Instruction Sheet


IP Pictionary Game developed by Debbie Kwan, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto 2007 for the Educating Health Professionals for Interprofessional Care, University of Toronto (Ehpic 2011 Certificate Course).

Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice (IPEC, 2016)


Interprofessional Pictionary was developed by Debbie Kwan from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Pharmacy in 2007. The version provided here was edited and adapted by the University of Washington Macy Grant Team to teach the IPE competency domain “Roles and Responsibilities.”